www.psckjobs.go.ke Application Portal 2023 Jobs, Internship, Fellowship Programme

This post is about www.psckjobs.go.ke application portal 2023 for PSCK/PSCIMS jobs internship and Public Service emerging leaders fellowship programme.


If you wish to either apply for Kenya PSCk jobs, internship or the fellowship programme hen definitely you will have to pass through the application portal www.psckjobs.go.ke.

This is why we’ve decided to explain www.psckjobs.go.ke application portal, how to navigate your way through it and successfully submit any application.

Stay with us as we walk through this together.

Note, we will be as explanatory as possible and at the end of the day if here anything you do not understand, reach out to us via the comment section.

www.psckjobs.go.ke Application Portal 2023  

Kenya Public Service Commission (PSC) online application portal is a platform design to enable prospective applicants easily send application to the commission even at the comfort of their home.

The portal is design is very simple manner so that anyone who access it can easily navigate his or her way through the portal.

In this article, I will attempt to give a brief overview of each menu on www.psckjobs.go.ke application portal.

Keep reading to get this information.

Overview of www.psckjobs.go.ke Portal

On opening PSC application portal, the things you will see includes, Kenya national logo, Public Service Commission logo, name of the commission and slogan.

At the left part of the screening are register/signup, login, and application tabs. Directly below them are setting, full screen, lock and logout buttons.

Now to the main page which the background is white you will see different links, these includes:

  • Login
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Absa Bank Account Opening Link
  • Register/Signup
  • Advertised Jobs
  • PSIP documentary
  • Apply for internship
  • Status of advertised posts
  • Public service emerging leaders fellowship programme
  • Status of your applications
  • Online video interviews instructions

Then below that are the application steps which we’re still going to treat in this article.

So, if you not had a cup of coffee close to you yet, i recommend you do that lol. Not to worry, we summarized everything, keep reading.

Now let’s look into each of these portals.

Here’s how to also access:

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  • www.kenyaforestservice.org Job Portal Login
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www.psckjobs.go.ke Login Portal

Irrespective of the type of application you’re processing on PSC portal, definitely you’ll have to login and there is one link to do that.

Its simple, once you visit www.psckjobs.go.ke, either click on the login link on the main page or click on the login button by the left handle of the site then input your IDNo/PNum and password.

www.psckjobs.go.ke Internship Portal

This tab presents to prospective applicant’s available internship opportunities in Kenya Public Service commission. To apply for internship, just click on the one you like to access and fill the online form.

Absa Bank Account Opening Link

Absa bank account opening link will take you to Absa bank official portal where you can create and maintain account with Absa bank especially if you wish to work with Public Service Commission, it is the recommended bank.

www.psckjobs.go.ke Register/Signup

This tab is where literally all applicant would visit because whether you’re applying for a job or internship position. To create an account on PSCK job portal, take the steps below.

  • Visit http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/RegisterProfile.aspx
  • Type in your ID number, surname/first name, email address and password then check the security question, after that click on submit
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox immediately
  • Click on the confirmation link then return to the portal to login and process your application form

PCSK Jobs Portal www.psckjobs.go.ke

If you’re interested in exploring latest job vacancies in the Public Service Commission, then this is the tab that most concerns you.

To do this, visit ww.psckjobs.go.ke then click on advertised jobs, select the position you wish to apply, you’ll be prompted to create an account if you have none or to login if you already created an account.

Once you’re logged in, the next steps would be to fill out the online application form, upload necessary documents, proofread and submit.

Public Service Emerging Leaders Fellowship Programme

Here would be shown if Public service emerging leaders fellowship programme is ongoing and also the link for registration would be provided there.

www.psckjobs.go.ke Application Status

Status of your applications is one of he header link tab you’ll see once you visit PSCK jobs portal.

This tab is used to check if your application has been approved or rejected by the public Service Commission or download shortlisted candidates.

PSCIMS Application Portals www.psckjobs.go.ke

  • Login http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/loginPage.aspx
  • Internship Opportunities http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/ActiveAdvertsInternsInternshipExt.aspx
  • Absa Bank Account Opening Link https://www.absabank.co.ke/personal/bank/absa-one-current-account/
  • Register/Signup http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/RegisterProfile.aspx
  • Advertised Jobs http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/ActiveJobsAdverts.aspx
  • PSIP documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GdA0NH0wfw/
  • Apply for internship http://www.psckjobs.go.ke/loginPage.aspx
  • Status of advertised postshttp://www.psckjobs.go.ke/AdvertStatusGlobal.aspx
  • Public service emerging leaders fellowship programmehttp://www.psckjobs.go.ke/ELPEXT.aspx
  • Status of your applicationshttp://www.psckjobs.go.ke/loginPage.aspx
  • Online video interviews instructionshttp://www.psckjobs.go.ke/OtherDocs/OnlinInterviewsInstructions.pdf

If you have any question concerning www.psckjobs.go.ke application portal indicate in the comment section below.

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