Mombasa Recruitment 2023/2024 | Current Jobs in Mombasa and How to Apply

Do you wish to know latest Mombasa recruitment 2023/2024 opportunities? Or searching online to see ongoing jobs in Mombasa, be it hotel job, oil and gas, Ajab, EPZ etc. If that’s the case then note that this article cover all necessary information you need to know about jobs in Mombasa.


In this article, we will explore all ongoing job opportunities in Mombasa Kenya and also show the steps through which prospective applicants could submit an application either online or offline.

Don’t forget very importantly before you apply for any job first confirm that you meet the job requirements, will be able to cope with the specifications and responsibilities.

Mombasa Recruitment 2023/2024

Mombasa is one of the outstanding cities or call it county in Kenya, prior to this many citizens and even residents of Kenya wishes to live there and some for work purposes.

This inversely has made job opportunities a little bit scare due to the teeming number of prospective applicants. It is on this note that we present to you current jobs in Mombasa and how you can apply for them.

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Requirements for Mombasa Recruitment 2023/2024

For the job opportunities that would be presented in this article, below are the general requirements, if you possess them then proceed to apply.

  • Primarily, prospective applicant must be an indigene of Kenya and possibly residing in Mombasa or ready to do so.
  • Prospective applicant should have some basic form of education and also possess a good written and oral communication skill.
  • The originals of all academic qualification would be needed during interview or screening
  • Ensure you have a well arranged CV which can comprehensively detail you in absence.
  • You should have a valid means of identification especially National ID Card

The information listed above are the starting point in searching for a job in Mombasa although there are other specific responsibilities attached.

Current Jobs in Mombasa 2023

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How to Apply for Jobs in Mombasa 2022

The application process for job opportunities in Mombasa is relative, depending on the company or organization you might have to fill an online application form and upload your credentials or offline by simply submitting a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV).

If you’re to apply online, below are the steps to follow.

  • Using an internet enabled device, visit the application portal
  • Navigate to the career page to explore available opportunities
  • Select the position you then want to apply for
  • Then proceed to input your details in the space provided

Mombasa Recruitment Application Deadline 2023/2024

The application deadline varies, so at this point we recommend you visit the official site of the company or organization you wish to apply for.

This is basically what we have for you today concerning Mombasa recruitment, if you have any question,  kindly let us know in the comment section below, you can also follow us on Google News for more update.

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