KDF Recruitment News Today March 2023 – See When KDF Recruitment is Starting

KDF recruitment news today 2023: Would you like to know if there will be KDF Recruitment in 2023, which month will Kdf recruitment start? is there any KDF recruitment this year? How much does it cost to join KDF? Etc.


If any of these questions are bothering and you would like to get satisfying answers to them then proceed to read the latest news we have for you today concerning KDF recruitment.

KDF Recruitment News Today March, 2023

Many citizens of Kenya have really showed up interest in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment exercise and have been asking several questions as to what is KDF recruitment news today March, 2023.

We’ve kept track with KDF recruitment portal www.mod.go.ke to get the latest news to prospective applicants across Kenya.

As of the moment, KDF recruitment news today March, 2023 is that the application portal would soon be open for submission of application by interested persons.

Meanwhile, below are some of the trending issues as concerning KDF recruitment and it can also serve as the latest news today.

Will there be KDF Recruitment in 2023

Yes, there will be KDF recruitment exercise in 2023 come August – October, 2023. Although specific dates has not been given by Kenya Defence Forces but the fact remains that there will be Ministry of Defence (M.O.D) recruitment 2023.

Which month will Kdf Recruitment Start?

The last time KDF Kenya recruitment held was November, 2021 and we expect same this year, that on or before the month of November, 2023 the recruitment exercise should start.

Is there any KDF recruitment this year?

Yes, Kenya Defence Forces incorporating army, navy and air force will conduct recruitment exercise this year, 2023 via www.mod.go.ke being the online application portal.

How much does it cost to join KDF?

To join Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is totally free. The application form is free and no applicant is demanded to make payment.

Therefore, refrain from any claims to process KDF application for a fee no matter how small.

In quest to get KDF recruitment news today 2023, candidates seeking to apply for KDF job has asked the following.

  • How much is KDF salary per month?
  • What is the next recruitment of KDF 2022?
  • What is the exact date of KDF recruitment?
  • How long does KDF training take?
  • Are military applications open for 2023?
  • Which is the lowest rank in KDF?
  • Is KDF recruitment 2023/2024?
  • How much does a Kenya Army soldier earn?
  • Where is KDF training college?
  • Which country pays KDF?

We will attempt to answer but a few crucial questions out of these.

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the next recruitment of KDF 2023?” answer-0=”The next recruitment of Kenya Defence Forces will be towards ending of the year i.e. either August, September, October or November.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the exact date of KDF recruitment?” answer-0=”KDF recruitment is starting between August – November, 2023 but the exact date has not yet been announced by the minister of defence.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

We will keep you updated once a specific date is being announced.

That is all we have for you now concerning “KDF recruitment news today 2023”, if you have further questions kindly let us know via the comment section below or contact us.

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